Where does Poetry In Threads ship? 

Anywhere on our planet. But not North Korea. I know. It's heartbreaking for you. But your leader, for now, is insane and wearing our apparel could prove fatal. Iran. We'd appreciate your business. Great poetry has originated in your culture. But, your leadership censors too much and you'd also get stoned or hung. Also sadly, Cuba. Why? Maybe because you could all walk around shirtless. Los cubanos los siento.


What if a product is lost in transit? 

If the tracking number states it was never delivered. We'll resend you the product. Because not owning your apparel you bought from Poetry In Threads makes you look foolish. Thus, our customers are not foolish. 


Does FedEx ship to PO boxes? 

Not in the United States. Be present by your PO box to win -your purchase. : ) 


What if the wrong mailing address is entered?

Contact us at poetryinthreads@gmail.com